Barcelona, 25 May 2018 | Last Update: 09 October 2020

With the following information, Barcelona Virtual would like to offer you maximum transparency and our legal commitment, in order that you may confidently enjoy our website and possible communications from us.

Should you facilitate personal data to us, it will be confidentially stored in a file that is the responsibility of Barcelona Virtual S.L., Casp 45, 1º, 1ª, 08010 Barcelona – Spain. We are registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona.

What information do we ask for?

At this time, we solely ask for the first name and business email of persons who are interested in receiving our Newsletter. No other personal data is collected.

This periodic emailing from the agency informs our clients, friends, fans, press and stakeholders about the latest trends and strategies in eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Technology and related topics.

This occasionally will include information about Podcast Interviews with Digital Leaders, Special Events or In-House Trainings and Case Studies.

You may sign up to receive the Newsletter here.

How is this information used?

The purpose of occasionally asking for such data is to provide you with better service and to inform you about future initiatives or promotions carried out by the agency. In no case will we ever cede or sell this file to other companies without your explicit permission.

Can I add to, modify or delete this information?

In compliance with the European GDPR law of 2018, as well as the Spanish Data Protection Law (LOPD) number 15/99, dated 13 December 1999, you have the right to access this information, correct it, delete it and at any time revoke your consent to this law and other norms associated with it by writing to our postal address listed above, or via the e-mail address provided in the footer of this web, indicating your first name, surname, email and national ID number.

In the future, should we expand this data for personalisation purposes (Name, Surname, Gender, Interests, etc.), you will be explicitly asked to give your consent and offered access to the appropriate secure page in which to manage or delete your data.

Cookies: General Information

Cookies are very basic token files that websites put on your PC to store information about your preferences. Cookies can improve your browsing experience by helping sites such as ours to understand your preferences based on your activity on the web.

Cookies: Managing Your Personal Configuration

In order to understand, permit, block or entirely eliminate cookies installed on your PC, you may do so by means of the options configuration for the browser on your computer.

We hope the following links are useful to you and that they help you to personally configure your cookie preferences:


Data Collection

The applications we use to obtain information about anonymous use of our web are Google Analytics and Hotjar.

The email addresses saved for the Newsletter are collected by the Hubspot platform.

Please see the links below for information about their privacy policies.

Privacy Policies of Technology We Use

Google Analytics: Anonymous Metrics
Hotjar: Usability and User Interface Testing
Hubspot: CRM & Leading Inbound Marketing Platform.

Barcelona Virtual’s Protection of Personal Data

We have a designated Data Protection Officer (DPO) on staff.

The DPO is responsible for maintaining an updated Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) document for us that includes Data Mapping, a flowchart on how/when data is collected, stored, & deleted.

He keeps a Log of all requests for data deletion (“disappearance”) in order to ensure GDPR compliance.

Duration of data retention: The email data collected for our Newsletter subscription is not limited in terms of months or year. The information service we provide is designed to inform readers about ongoing advances in Digital Marketing and is based on initial consent of each subscriber, who can request us to delete her data at any time.

Should we periodically request additional data to provide more personalised and relevant contents, each recipient will be asked to give explicit consent, as noted above.

Security: Data is stored in secure servers administered by our DPO. Any hypothetical breach would be reported within the 72 hours stipulated by the GDPR legislation.

Queries: Any requests for additional information should be directed to Paul Fleming via the agency email: yourbrandhere@bvirtual.com or via the postal address indicated above.

Thank you for your interest in Barcelona Virtual.